Cannabis: A Love Story




A Love Story

1. Cannabis can be a powerful aphrodisiac

No, this isn't just anecdotal information; It's in fact scientific. THC stimulates a dopamine release in the brain along with a neurochemical called anandamide, which is known as the ‘bliss molecule’. You can delve into the topic a bit deeper by checking out this Mass Roots article

2. Cannabis can cultivate body love & self-esteem

A 2012 UK study conducted by the All Party Parliamentary Group found that “roughly two-thirds of adults suffer from negative body image.” If you would like to learn more about using cannabis to help reframe limiting beliefs and cultivate body love, check out this Leafly piece by Ashley Manta- The Cannasexual who you may recall us featuring in a blog post last summer.

3. Cannabis can aid in managing depression & anxiety, improving the most important kind of love- SELF LOVE

If you don't properly love yourself, there is no way you can love anyone else adequately. This is why the most important type of love to master is self-love. Depression & Anxiety are two of the main issues standing in the way of one truly loving themselves and studies have found that Marijuana can help with this as well. Check out what Medical Marajuana Inc has to say in regards to this research. Leafly has helpful guides on the topic as well. Here they show us the best cannabis strains for treating depression & anxiety

4. Cannabis can improve your overall relationships

It has been said many a time that couples (as well as friends) who smoke together stay together. "Smoking weed helps lower stress and diverts your attention from the mundane things in life so that you can focus on what matters, like improving your relationship," says Dr. Harmon Love in this article for Potent Media. In fact, decreased aggression, heightened sensory perception, lowered anxiety, increased patience, understanding & compassion are all listed as psychological benefits as well.


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