Cannabis Content Creation Guide



A Simple and Straightforward Guide for Successful Cannabis Content Creation


1. Aesthetically Pleasing Content Goes a Long Way

There is so much information floating around on the inter-web these days. Frankly, social media has become over-saturated and overwhelming. In order to edge above the others and stand out in the crowd, it is important to have quality content that immediately captivates the eye. Bright, high-resolution photos, cohesive color schemes, curated themes and feeds that tell a story are all ways you can accomplish this. Try to steer clear from creating photos with text all over them. Let your beautiful images speak for themselves and leave the copy in the captions. Imagine scrolling through a sea of 1,000 photos that all look the same. Post something that you know will make people want to stop and look. The list of quality cannabis influencers is certainly growing but there is still room for new faces and new voices. Figure out what you do that sets you apart from the others and run with it in the most visually striking way you can. If you can attract attention with your consistent images, your audience may even stop to read the messages that accompany them.


2. Don't Be “Salesy” (Your Audience Wants to See Authentic Content)

Be real, be authentic and be honest. If the people who are reading/looking at your content get the idea that you are just trying to “make a buck” or push products (much like the copious amount of MLMs we see all over Facebook today) they are not going to even bother paying attention to what you have to say. People do however, connect with real life experiences and stories as well as behind the scenes, insider information. If you can communicate trustworthy and convincing messages about how the topic of choice has affected someone personally, you just may get your audience to listen. If your social media feed is full of spammy looking giveaway reposts, it will be difficult for your ideal audience to take you seriously. Make your content consistent and convincing. Be intentional with your strategy.

3. Social Media Tip: Short Videos are Crucial

The way the the FB + IG algorithms currently work is that if your audience watches at least the first half of your video, it will rank higher and get more organic visibility. Make sure those first half is engaging enough to keep the attention of your followers. We suggest that the entire length of your videos be around 60 - 90 seconds (depending on what platform you choose). Keep your content short, sweet and to the point. People’s attention spans are not what they once were. It is often easier to get a message across with a video than it is with a photo that is accompanied by a paragraph of text. That being said, you are not going to keep the average user’s eye for much longer than 90 seconds, so make it count. Select motivational and challenging topics, make sure your videos are always well lit and and also check that the sound is coming through loud and clear. These may seem like simple no-brainers but they are crucial factors in keeping your audience entertained. Another way you can really use short videos to your advantage is in your IG story. Although Instagram only allows their story videos to be 15 seconds or less, this poses a great opportunity to get some movement in front of your followers. Instagram also recently released IGTV - their answer to YoutTube (perfect for those longer videos) only time will tell if this side of the app will become popular with the people but it is most certainly worth testing out. 

4. Social Media Tip: Going LIVE

We have found that going live is a very effective tool on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Periscope (for Twitter). When you go live, your audience gets to see the real, unedited version of the story and also gets to interact with you directly - all while getting to be a part of the action themselves. Most platforms that have live capabilities have a built in notification system that alerts followers when you go live automatically - this is priceless. Live broadcasts in general, tend to receive more views and more engagement. According to Livestream, 80% of people would rather watch live videos from brands rather than read their blog and 82% prefer live vids over general social posts. When you are marketing a brand or product, potential consumers being able to see it working in real time can be key. If you are comfortable with live broadcasts (and even if you are not yet, you would be surprised as to how easy it actually is) Live video is ideal for human interaction.

5. The Truth About Hashtags

Hashtags are an effective tool, but when they are overused or used in the wrong capacity, they can do more harm than good. Avoid clogging up your content with a paragraph full of hashtags in every post. If you choose to use hashtags in the body of your post, select around 3 very specific ones that align with both your brand and that specific post and place them towards the end, a few lines below the last text portion of that post. Specifically for Instagram: we suggest doing some hashtag performance research first. Look at the profiles you love as well as your current followers and check out what hashtags they are using. You should also lookup keywords and topics that align your brand and explore those hashtags as well (the top 9 photos under each hashtag you look up should give you a good idea of how they each perform)  then create a list of around 30-50 hashtags that fit your style, brand and community (a good mix of some smaller, lesser used tags as well as some of the larger more frequently used ones) and then select about 11-30 of them and post them in a separate comment underneath your post, immediately after posting. Experiment with different versions of these lists until you find what works for you. Try creating your own custom hashtag and encourage your community to use it when they are posting things that apply to you and your brand. 

6. Customize: Bitlinks & Linktree for the Win offers a free service that is crucial for link sharing. It allows you to customize all of your longer URLs so you can keep things short, consistent and clean. We suggest taking any long links and shortening them to things that are consistent with your brand language in order to keep all of the links within your posts cohesive. Linktree enables you to link out to more than one thing on platforms where you only get one linking opportunity (think specifically IG but it can come in handy in twitter and fb bios as well) It is a free tool that will give you one bio link to house all of the content you want to drive your followers to. You will never have to change your bio links again.