Change the Meaning of Green


Celebrate the Regenerative Powers of Nature 

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Change the Meaning of Green


Every year around this time we start to plan an entire day (and sometimes night) of shenanigans which include lots of bar hopping, green beer and Guinness in celebration of St. Patrick's Day. This year we want to do things a little differently by really honoring the green, and by green we mean, cannabis. 

Party holidays such as St. Patty's have become rituals for the average adult to get together with their friends, go out and get drunk. Recently, with ALL the progress legalizing cannabis in so many different states, there are other celebratory GREEN options besides just drinking available to us. 

Patrick has somehow over the years become the patron Saint of party animals, but what we like recognize him for, was being a man with a mission. Now, before you go down the rabbit hole of whether or not we agree with ANYTHING St. Patrick actually stood for, stop... because that part is quite irrelevant. The fact is, he believed in something with his whole heart and so do we. That's why we are here today, to talk about: changing the meaning of the green.

On St. Patrick's day 2018, we wish to honor the cannabis plant. We want to begin to make it a regular part of our holidays and our traditions. We want our family, co-workers & friends (even those in the not yet legal states) to recognize how normal and wonderful using cannabis in so many different ways can be. It's high time we start changing how the entire Country sees cannabis use and those who support it as a whole. Recent polls have stated that 61% of Americans think cannabis should be legalized and as exciting as that number is, we won't stop until we've reached 100%. 

On March 17th, we challenge you to take a puff & start pondering how you can change the meaning of green and how you can honor the plant as a part of your yearly tradition. Be a missionary for cannabis and spread the good word of the regenerative powers of nature. Green beer is cool and all but we look forward to the day when cannabis will be the main green ingredient used to celebrate holidays such as this. 

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