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Portable vapes are suitable for medicating on-the-go, but desktop vapes are perfect for getting lifted from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re an introvert or prefer to vape your favorite herb at your discrepancy, desktop vaporizers offer a superb vaping experience behind closed doors. Typically, desktop vapes are designed to stay put because they are both heavy and relatively large, which also means they can hold lots of weed. But as for Cloud EVO by VapeXhale, this desktop vape was made for passing around. Don’t worry, it holds plenty of ganja like the rest.

More like a bong than a vape, the Cloud EVO is customizable and versatile in more than just one way

If you’re a dry herb fanatic or a concentrate queen, VapeXhale’s Cloud EVO is here to satisfy all cannabis connoisseurs no matter how they like their weed. Some desktop vapes take too much time and preparation just to sit down and enjoy a relaxing sesh with Mary Jane, but not the Cloud EVO. From draw to exhale, the entire Cloud EVO experience is smooth and effortless. Not to mention, tasty.



Using an all-glass air path and PerpetuHeat Thermal Technology, a convection-based heating system, the Cloud EVO conveys flawless and flavorful vapor in a jiffy, letting all the natural flavors and aromas of your herb shine through, and a wealth of it at that. Regardless if you’re working with a rice-size dab or a small amount of flower, CloudXhale’s desktop vapes ensure you never waste too much weed while trying to achieve the perfect buzz. It does, however, offer more than one way to get you there.

The Cloud EVO is compatible with all VapeXhale Hydratubes, which are made of gorgeous, hand-crafted artisanal glass. Hydratubes are what make the Cloud EVO series genuinely customizable desktop vapes. Designed to slide on top of the air path, Hydratubes can turn the Cloud EVO into the closest thing to a bong as the real deal when you add a little water. But if you’re on a budget, you’re also welcome to use any glass water tool you have around the house or any standard mouthpiece that fits an 18.8 joint. And you have the option of pairing the Cloud EVO with your favorite glass using an adapter kit.

Cloud EVO is the most social desktop vape yet

There’s more than one way to get your Cloud EVO on, and there’s also more people other than yourself that you can share the experience with when you’re feeling big-hearted. Unlike most desktop vapes, the Cloud EVO has a detachable cord. Plugged in or not, the Cloud EVO stays heated long enough for your buddies to catch a quick hit. Not to mention, the cable itself is super long, so it can still be passed around no problem, even when it’s hooked to a power source.

The Cloud EVO is also surprisingly light in weight, which makes it that much more convenient for sharing with your buds. Although its temperature dial is awkward and it lacks a display screen, deciding on the right setting for you and your friends to enjoy the Cloud EVO is as simple as reading a clock. Starting as low as 200°F at seven o clock all the way to the left to 500°F all the way to the right at five o clock, the Cloud EVO doesn’t offer exact temp control per say. But a few adjustments is all it takes to find that one perfect temp for you and your crew.

More often than not, desktop vapes are expensive, and the Cloud EVO is no exception. But again, you can either buy the vape alone for cheaper or with a Hydratube included for extra customization at a higher cost. Either way, the Cloud EVO is one of the few versatile desktop vapes out there. If you’re tired of harsh hookah hits or large bongs that get in the way almost as much as they get you high, then the Cloud EVO is undoubtedly a healthier, more convenient way of socializing and getting stoned with your pals.