Vapexhale EVO - The Grower's Choice Vaporizer


Why the Vapexhale EVO is the vaporizer of choice for cannabis growers across the world

"As a cultivator, the creation of an exceptional product is my ultimate goal. The EVO showcases all the attributes I look for in a connoisseur level product. This unique vaporizer offers calculable vapor production with the benefit of water purification. The EVO provides an unrivaled vapor experience." - Will Hurtgen, Durango Organics, Colorado, US

“I find the Vapexhale EVO to be an amazing tool for assessing the resin quality of my flower. I can judge this quality and quantity by the vapour produced. The EVO is the closest thing to a traditional bong and the way a bong hits but without the acrid taste of burning material contaminating the flavour of the cannabis. I find the high to be different from combustion- a little bit cleaner more cerebral. Overall, the unit is a dream to use. There are no special tricks needed to get the best out of it, just choose temp, wait for green and rip away till your heart’s content!” - @Devcal420, County Durham, UK

“As a grower, what I really love about my EVO is how it brings out the very essence of the flower with every hit. As a powerful convection vape, for me nothing else showcases the rich oily terpenes and the full aromatic character in my carefully grown buds quite the same as my Cloud Evo.” - @Puresmkr, UK

“Being someone with 41 years of cannabis experience both medically and recreationally I was (and still am continually) impressed with the performance of the Vapexhale EVO. Being a small cultivator of craft cannabis, the EVO has unlocked the absolute potential of my organically grown product. It compliments all the passion and care we as farmers put forth. I truly wish that everyone could enjoy the EVO experience as it has changed my perception of cannabis and what cannabis products should taste like.” - @Chilibu, 0peration 0vergrow, British Columbia, CA

“If you are looking for potency, purity and clouds that can fog up the biggest room in the house, the EVO is the unit you want. This machine vapes everything from flower to hash, shatter to dry sift. From seed to weed, leaf to keif, the cloud EVO is really the desktop unit you need. Use it with friends or on your own, no vaporizer collection is complete without one” - @Dazzavapeescape, UK

“I enjoy using my EVO primarily when judging the cannabis cup, specifically hash/extracts. It makes is easy to try multiple strains in a short period of time without using a torch or enail.” - Jesse Meyer-Appel, @Uncle_Jesses_Collective, California, US