High Times Holiday Gift Guide

Help your loved ones get higher this holiday season with one of the hand-picked items from the High Times holiday gift guide.


If you’re still doing last minute holiday shopping, we’re here to help. Have a loved one with an appreciation for or an infatuation with cannabis? Any connoisseur will appreciate the items in our holiday gift guide. In fact, we sought out the best products for weed in every category. Every listed item is guaranteed to enhance the cannabis smoking experience in some way. You’ll find something for all your weed-loving friends regardless of whether they are smokers, dabbers or vapers.

O.Pen 2.0


With the rapidly increasing popularity of THC cartridges, having a 510-thread battery that won’t burn out your prefill is a must. So you know we had to include at least one in our holiday gift guide. One that will vary in voltage is better for using a wide variety of cartridges. You don’t want to ruin the surprise by asking them which battery is best for their pre-filled cartridge.

Instead, you can get a vape pen that’ll work with any of them.

We recommend the O.pen 2.0 because you can use any cartridge with it. Start on the lowest setting and see if you get enough vapor. If not, there are three stronger settings for you to cycle through. Most pre-fills work fine on the first two settings, but stronger atomizers require max power.

Price: $39.95

Pros: The O.Pen 2.0 comes with a lifetime warranty so your loved one won’t have to keep purchasing batteries every time a cheap one dies out. It’s slim with the same circumference as most popular vape pen cartridges. The four settings make it capable of working with just about any cartridge on the market. Comes in a wide variety of stylish colors.

Cons: The glass of cartridges remain exposed with this battery. So if you drop it, you might lose your medicine.

Why We Like It: Works efficiently on just about any pre-filled cartridge on the market today.



Is your significant other burning weed too fast? We recommend getting them a quality dry herb vaporizer so you can save all kinds of greens. Not to mention, vaporizing is a healthier option than smoking weed. Best of all, the smell won’t linger for anywhere near as long as smoking would so it’s easy to get away with getting high on the go. Look out for your loved one’s money, health and privacy with one of the best dry herb vaporizers on the market—and on our holiday gift guide— today.

If you want something that’s guaranteed not to confuse or disappoint, the Crafty vaporizer by Storz & Bickel is one of the best gifts you can find in our holiday gift guide. The company recently dropped the price of the device and increased battery life by 20 percent.

Price: $279.00

Pros: Perfect for solo use or sharing. You don’t have to pack a particular amount to get the best function. You can easily pass this around with a group of four and have everyone get medicated off a single full oven. There is a smartphone app for the Crafty which makes it easy to change the temperature and track things like usage and battery life. The vapor is never harsh because it has to travel through a cooling chamber before reaching the mouthpiece. Airflow isn’t restricted so it’s easy to get medicated without stressing your lungs out.

Cons: No digital screen so you’ll have to rely on the phone app for precise temperature control. Bulkier than some of the similarly priced portable vaporizers on the market.

Why We Like It: Puts out some of the largest, most flavorful clouds of visible vapor with minimal effort.

VapeXhale Cloud Evo Hydratube Starter Kit


Know somebody who hates going outside to smoke? Desktop vaporizers won’t smell anywhere near as much as lighting a doobie up indoors. If you take the proper precautions, you should be able to get high AF with a desktop vaporizer indoors without alerting any “nosy” neighbors. Best of all? A desktop vaporizer will get you higher with less weed than a portable one.

We recommend the VapeXhale Cloud EVO. It is a new take on the desktop vaporizer built with water-filtration in mind. With the hydratube attachments, the Cloud Evo is one of the best desktop vaporizers out there. The Hydratube Starter Kit is one of the best deals on our holiday gift guide because you can use their holiday codes for a discount or free gifts, including bonus water attachments.

Price: $449.99

Pros: Gives off some of the largest clouds of visible vapor you’ll see from any desktop vaporizer. You won’t have to inhale hard for 30 seconds just to get a satisfactory cloud of vapor. The water attachment makes it rip like a bong without the harshness to the back of your throat. It’ll feel like your breathing just air, but you’ll see how much you actually got when you exhale.

Cons: The temperature is controlled by an analog knob. Costs $100 more when you get the hydratube set, but we wouldn’t want to go without it. You can choose the 20 percent off deal, instead of the free gift, if you’re happy with the water attachment that comes with the Hydratube Starter Kit.

Why We Like It: Large, smooth clouds of vapor and unmatched function when compared to any other desktop vaporizer on the market.

Puffco Plus


Is there a daily dabber in your life? A vaporizer for concentrates that won’t take away the flavor of their top-shelf terps is the perfect gift. Most OG vaporizers for dabbers were wax pens that were made with rods wrapped in metal wire that would burn red hot when fired. They let off unpleasant tastes, which made dabbers reluctant to put their flavorful concentrates in.

If the person you’re gifting is a traveling terp hunter, they’ll appreciate a Puffco Plus more than anything else on our holiday gift guide. The Plus is made with the connoisseur in mind. It is the first-ever pocket nail, separating itself from every other inferior wax pen. You can drop a fat dab of your favorite concentrate and catch the full flavor profile. Then, you Q-Tip it like you would with a low-temperature dab. As a result, your next dab will always taste as fresh as the first. With most other pens, you would just let the oil build up until the atomizer no longer worked and each hit would taste worse than the last.

Price: $99.99

Pros: Works like a nail in your pocket. Best taste from a wax pen we’ve ever come across. Tangie Live Resin tastes just like oranges. There is no taste of plastics, wires or cheap metals like you may find with other wax pens. There are two ways to use it: sesh mode or the same you would with any other vape pen. Sesh mode allows you take huge hits, comparable to an actual dab. If you feel like spreading it out or taking it easy, you can hold the button down for a smaller dose at a time.

Our favorite part is the dart attached to the mouthpiece which acts as a carb cap, tool and splash guard all in one. You won’t get wax on your lips or even on the tip of your mouthpiece like with other vape pens. Furthermore, you won’t have to carry around a sticky and stinky tool. Puffco’s ceramic dart stays hidden and contained when attached to the atomizer.

Cons: It gets hot with continuous use, but Puffco provides a sleeve to keep your fingers away from the heat. The battery doesn’t last too long but it recharges within 30 minutes.

Why We Like It: There’s no better way to discreetly enjoy your concentrates while on the go.

Dr. Dabber Boost


A portable e-nail is a great addition to any dabbers travel kit. Even at home, a portable e-nail can be more convenient than having to torch and wait a minute for cooldowns. You’re better off with a portable e-nail on a nearby desk when you’re gaming. Desktop e-nails don’t come with a rig to use it with. Portable ones come with water attachments so you won’t need to purchase a rig, nail and carb cap on top of an expensive e-nail set up before getting to dab.

As part of our holiday gift guide, we recommend Dr. Dabber’s Boost for smooth, stacked clouds of concentrates vapor. As for taking it on the go, the Dr. Dabber comes in a pre-plucked travel case that has slots for every component you’ll need to dab while mobile.

Price: $159.95

Pros: Comes with a carrying case for easy transporting. The battery will only have to be charged once every few days. In fact, a single charge is enough for 20 to 30 uses. Comes with both a traditional metal dish and a quartz one for flavorful dabs. The water attachment provides an experience more similar to using a nail and torch than a wax pen would. The water makes it easy to stack big clouds in the chamber without the need to cough. The dab tool attaches magnetically, so you can separate them to scoop and drop your dab in. Then, pick up the carb cap half with the magnet, cap the nail and watch it milk.

Cons: Despite being a portable device, it is still too bulky to just bust out and use while you’re walking down the street. Best used when you take a break during a hike, while playing video games or when you’re going to see a friend with no rig.

Why We Like It: More convenient than using a butane torch and nail.

Chad Bro Glass Terp Trunk 2.0 Carb Cap


A quality carb cap is an affordable option for the dabber in your life this holiday season. If their go-to method of medication is a torch and quartz banger, they’ll love a new carb cap. If you don’t want to ruin the surprise by asking them which caps fit their quartz, you can go with a cap that fits just about all of them.

We recommend the Chad Bro Glass Carb Cap if you want a cap that’s solid in every aspect. Best of all, it fits on just about any banger, so you won’t have to figure out the size of your friend’s favorite nail before shopping. If you want further versatility, Chad Bro has a Hybrid Terp Trunks 2.0 Cap that has a bubble cap on one side and a directional on the other, so it’ll function great on literally any banger.

Price: $59.99

Pros: One of the widest, thickest rimmed carb caps on the market. Creates the perfect seal on any flat top or gaveled banger. The indicator arrow makes it easy to know exactly what direction your airflow intake is. The Terp Trunk 2.0 should fit on the smallest sized buckets to a custom nail with a huge 35 mm sized bucket.

Cons: Won’t sit on slanted nails without assistance. You’ll need to hold this one the whole time you’re doing a low-temperature dab on gaveled bangers, but this is everyday stuff for hardcore dabbers.

Why We Like It: Durability, versatility and flawless function at an affordable price.

Nuggy Hybrid


A multi-tool designed specifically for cannabis users is a great gift for just about any kind of cannabis consumer. It can help with rolling blunts or packing and emptying bowls. Some multi-tools make dabbing much less of a hassle as well.

If you want something compact that’ll make every session simpler, we recommend the Nuggy 2.0. This all-metal multi-tool has functions that benefit all types of smokers and even dabbers. They have different versions to accommodate different types of users but the hybrid is an all-in-one.

Price: $46.95

Pros: The Nuggy Hybrid has six tools that fit into the sleek and slim design. The tools are easier to pull out than with their original model. The former plastic shell was replaced by an aluminum oxide shell which functions as a carb cap for any flat top or gaveled banger.

Cons: Not ideal for cannabis consumers who don’t roll or pack their own. This is for the person in your crew who always rolls up or brings the bong.

Why We Like It: Has everything you need to solve any problem you might have during a smoke or dab session.

Prometheus Nano


Does the person you’re gifting have a reliable pipe for smoking on the go? If they love smoking on the go but constantly break glass pipes, we recommend looking into Pyptek’s Prometheus Nano.

Pyptek makes stylish and durable high-end glass pipes designed for traveling. Despite being glass pipes, all Pyptek Prometheus Pipes are surrounded by a body of metal for added durability. The Nano is their one-hitter design, which will fit snug in your pocket without breaking. They let you choose the color of your Nano’s metal exoskeleton when purchasing online. You should also be able to find these at your local smoke shop, but you better hurry on over before they’re sold out for the holidays.

Price: $50.00

Pros: The glass straw combined with a metal armor makes the Prometheus Nano durable and enjoyable. You can separate the pieces for easy cleaning; just be careful with the glass components.

Cons: A little bulkier than the average one-hitter because of the metal body.

Why We Like It: Portable, durable and it won’t harsh the flavor of your top-shelf buds. It’s an essential on our holiday gift guide.

Genius Pipe


Looking for a pipe that’ll accommodate a health-conscious smoker? If you’re buying for a constant cougher, they may benefit from a pipe with added filtration. The best bowls on the market today have innovative designs that make smoking a smoother experience.

If you’re shopping for a sophisticated smoker, you can’t go wrong with the Genius Pipe. This is another perfect option for clumsy weed smokers. You won’t lose your pipe for life if you drop it, making the Genius Pipe a welcome addition to our holiday gift guide. On top of that, smoke is filtered to reduce the harshness that can sometimes accompany a bowl rip.

Price: $79.95

Pros: One of the slimmest pipes you’ll find. The lid makes it easy to slide into your pocket without getting debris and lint into your bowl or resin into your pocket. The interior and bottom layer is covered with 2,000 dimples made to filter and cool smoke while removing tars. Despite having to travel through all those dimples, the pipe has a smooth and unrestricted pull. It’s as if you’re hitting a regular bowl but the smoke is much smoother. It is made of anodized aluminum, which is completely safe to use and practically indestructible.

Cons: More expensive than most glass bowls, but you won’t have to replace it and the experience can’t be matched by a traditional glass pipe.

Why We Like It: It filters smoke like a bong without the need for water, and it’s much more portable.

CVault Humidity Control Airtight Stash Container


A necessary part of every cannabis smoker’s kit is a storage container. So we couldn’t have a holiday gift guide for cannabis consumers without at least one solid recommendation. When it comes to the best storage containers for cannabis, you want something that will protect weed from outside forces that can deteriorate the quality, like light and air. Furthermore, you want something that will contain the smell so your friend or loved one isn’t blowing up their own spot for no reason.

We recommend the CVault for keeping your buds fresh as day one. It has a slot for holding Boveda humidifier packs, which can bring moisture back to totally dried out buds or prevent them from ever getting to that point.

Price: $24.95

Pros: The several clamps on each CVault keeps the smell of weed from leaking out of it. It also keeps buds safe from light and air better than most storage containers designed for weed. You can store humidifier packs in the CVault to keep buds fresh during long-term storage.

Cons: Customers have complained that some of the latches aren’t welded on tightly enough. If they’re loose, the smell can leak out.

Why We Like It: Helps to contain the smell of weed while preserving the quality over long periods of time. Of course we had to include it in our holiday gift guide!

Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder


Know someone who is always breaking up bud by hand because they don’t have a proper grinder? Make their lives easier this holiday season with one of the best grinders of 2017. After all, what’s a High Times holiday gift guide without a grinder? A cheap grinder’s teeth will fall or things might get too sticky to twist. The latter is an issue for medical patients with pain in their hands or wrists. A top-tier grinder is the perfect item on our holiday gift guide for anyone with a cheap grinder or no grinder at all.

Santa Cruz Shredder makes all types of top-tier grinders. Their two and three-piece grinders provide the perfect grind every time with ease. If you’re concerned with catching kief, their four-piece will have a mountain of kief waiting at the bottom chamber for you in no time.

Price: $74.50

Pros: The textured grip makes it easier to twist for patients in pain. The magnet they use is powerful enough for you to leave buds in the grinder without having to worry about the lid popping off during travel. The teeth are designed to break down the stickiest material without getting stuck.

Cons: Not the most ideal grinder for catching kief. Other brands make grinders with replaceable screens, so you never have to replace it once the screen stops letting kief through.

Why We Like It: Durable and it shreds nugs effortlessly for a consistent grind every time.

Final Hit: High Times Holiday Gift Guide

You shouldn’t have to look beyond this holiday gift guide if you’re shopping for someone who consumes cannabis regularly. Whether they’re a traveling vaper or a stay-at-home smoker, there is something on the list that’ll make their lives better. You can still find holiday deals on most of the listed products. There should be just enough time to get those last minute gifts shipped. If you wait any longer, you’ll have to settle for what your local smoke shop has left in stock! Now’s the best time to make use of that Amazon Prime subscription.

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