The Past, Present & Future of Vaporization

Do you want to learn the story of vaporization from the experts?

Check out Hashchurch 2.0 Episode 4- The past, present & future of vaporization. Watch as Kevin Campbell (Steam Team Ja), Gary Bay (Uptech), Linus (Vapor Brothers), Steve Kelnhofer (7th floor Vapes) & Seibo Shen (Vapexhale), chat all-things-vape with host Marcus "Bubbleman" Richardson. Catch Seibo at the 58 min 21 sec mark. This video is full of interesting & educational information for anyone curious about how vaporization came to be as well as those with a vision for the future. You can view the entire episode below.


As you may have already heard, Vapexhale teamed up with Bubbleman to bring you THE ULTIMATE CONCENTRATE EXPERIENCE. Here are some shots he posted of his own personal Bubbleman Deluxe EVO during a fantastic Jamaican sunset via Instagram. Check out more about the history of Bubbleman in an earlier feature here