PrestoDoctor: Bringing MMJ Access To Patients Through Online Recommendations

PrestoDoctor launched in March 2015 with a mission to bring easier medical marijuana access to patients through their online recommendations. They offer privacy, convenience, & customized recommendations, so patients receive the best experience from the comfort of their own home. PrestoDoctor includes the best-educated doctors in medical cannabis, as well as the best customer service in the industry. The PrestoDoctor Store now proudly carries the Vapexhale EVO. Below they have answered some questions about their company & how the process works.

1. What services does PrestoDoctor offer?

PrestoDoctor offers online medical marijuana card recommendations. This means people who are interested in treating their condition with medical marijuana  can talk to a specialized doctor from the comfort of their own home. The best part is, if you don’t qualify you don’t pay. We also just launched our PrestoDoctor Store, which features curated medical marijuana products for patients. This was important to us as there are so many new products on the market, and many of our patients were confused which ones to trust. With our store, patients can purchase with ease.

2. What makes PrestoDoctor different from the other online MMJ services?

We’re extremely proud to have the best service in the industry, with over 5K five star reviews on TrustSpot. A big part of that is our incredible doctors, who create customized treatment plans during the appointment. The treatment plans discuss dosing levels, consumption methods, and lifestyle considerations as our doctors work closely with the patient to treat their condition.  Aside from our service, the entire process to get started on the online appointment is extremely intuitive and fast. We truly care about providing an incredible experience for those seeking medical marijuana treatment.

3. What was the inspiration behind creating PrestoDoctor?

We wanted to make the whole process to get a medical card much easier! The old way is extremely taxing. Patients had to commute to the doctors, wait in line, talk to a doctor who often doesn’t know very much about medical marijuana, and then maybe get your card. Plus, if it doesn’t work out, you still have to pay for the appointment! Our process eliminates all of that. You can sign up for a same-day online appointment and never pay if you don’t qualify.

4. What states is PrestoDoctor available in?

We are available in California, New York, Nevada, and soon to be Pennsylvania! Sometimes we get asked what the point of a card is in recreationally legal states. Many people aren’t aware of the tax breaks medical card holders receive that definitely add up! Aside from the monetary benefits, you also get help in your treatment journey with a specialized doctor.  Lastly, many dispensaries offer perks like better product and skipping lines!

5. What qualifications and documents does a person need in order to book an appointment?

Qualifications and documents vary slightly state to state. Generally, the most common qualifying conditions in states are chronic pain, PTSD, and an opioid replacement. In terms of documentation, usually you just need proof of residence!

6. What do the people behind PrestoDoctor want to change about the Cannabis Industry?

We care about helping make medical marijuana access easy for all. This industry has existed in the dark for too long. The reality is that cannabis is medicine. If we can make any positive impact on people seeing our industry as a healing one, we are happy.

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