ROUND 1: Real Life #ConnectSesh

Photo: Grassfed

Photo: Grassfed

Perhaps you caught the Wes Anderson inspired Connect commercial that dropped last week? If not, you can catch it here.

THIS WEEK we want to show you the first round up of The Connect in the REAL WORLD with some of our favorite social media pals. Take a look at all the fun times this new hookah-like attachment is creating for the Vapexhale EVO lovers out there!

Do YOU have your Connect yet? We want to see it in action. Use #connectsesh wherever you post for a feature. Cheers!

Dab with your friends! Up to 4 people can rip this bad boy!
We had so much fun! In Italy we like to share everything so The Connect is perfect for us.
This is really cool. I really like the mouthpieces, they look super duper neat!
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