ROUND 2: Real Life #ConnectSesh


Here's Round TWO of The Connect in the REAL WORLD with some of our favorite social media pals. Take a look at all the fun times this new hookah-like attachment is creating for the Vapexhale EVO lovers out there!

Do YOU have your Connect yet? We want to see it in action. Use #connectsesh wherever you post for a feature. Cheers!

I was so excited the first time I tried the Connect! I was with a group of my sisters from the Ganja Goddess Getaway and we had so much awesome flower available from our own Mama Love of The Hawgs Breath Company! I brought out my VapeXhale and many of the women had never tried it before. We set it to a lower herb temperature to really taste the yummy terps from Mama Love’s flower and I set up Connect. Everyone loved it! It felt like being at an upscale hookah lounge, but with cannabis! The community building aspect was immediately apparent, from taking turns around the circle to making sure everyone else was plugging their whip. We laughed, we appreciated the flower, and we enjoyed each other. A must-have for any gathering!
Wow! We are so impressed! This simple device is a game changer in the social cannabis consumption space. Vapexhale has revolutionized the vaporizing experience at our Ganja Guru Yoga classes once again. Now, with the Connect, up to four people can share in the consumption of flower or concentrates together, but they don’t have to share a mouthpiece. The Connect is hygiene-friendly, fun to use, socially attractive solution for having an elevated experience with your community.
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