Top 5 Reasons to get a Desktop Vaporizer in 2018

Portable herb vaporizers have been getting better and better the past few years, to the point where you can go combustion-free with vapes like The Pax 3 and DaVinci IQ. However, as great as these vapes are, a lot of people feel the vapor production and overall hit you get from a dry-herb vaporizer is lackluster.  If vaping on-the-go sounds interesting to you, check out this list of 10 best portables. When it comes to home vape life, you want the best. Read on to see what Daniel Moreno (On The Map Marketing) has to say.

1. Desktop Vaporizers Pack the Best Vaporization Technologies. 

Desktop vaporizers, by design, can feature high-tech vaporization technologies which just wouldn’t fit into a portable setup. Large vapor chambers, cooling paths, and precise temperature controls are all definite highlights of a good desktop vaporizer. The larger vape chamber means you can pack it with more herbs, and it’ll hit harder than a smaller one. The ability to dial in a specific temperature for your vape will ensure the best and most precise experience.

2. Desktop Vapes are Ideal for Social Vape Sessions

Desktop vaporizers are pretty well suited for social smoking at home with friends. Although they may not be the easiest to pass around in a circle, the fact that they have large dry-herb chambers means that you can take more puffs before running out of flower. You can keep your vape going longer, and you don’t have to worry about needing to refill constantly.

3. Desktop Vapes Don’t Rely on Batteries

One of the biggest gripes that users have experienced with portable vapes is the short battery life a lot of the products have. This is understandable, as a mobile vape needs to be small and compact, and the heating elements need a lot of energy. Desktop vaporizers, on the other hand, aren’t held back by battery size. Being plugged into a regular outlet, they can stay on for hours on end (if you can keep up) and keep the party going longer.


4. The Customizations for Desktop Vapes Rock

Desktop vape units typically have interchangeable delivery methods for the vapor produced. Commonly, through a hose, an attached water pipe, or even a balloon. This flexibility means that whatever your preferred method of delivery is, you can achieve it. Vapes like the VapeXHale Evo have different bubbler and water pipe attachments, making for a simple all-in-one desktop & water pipe combo. Or, you can have a couple of options in-stock to fit whatever your sesh needs are!

5. Desktop Vaporizers Always Perform the Best

As mentioned before, desktop vaporizers have the largest chambers for dry herbs. Not only does this mean that you can pack in more flower, sit back, relax and vape away, but, the more substantial herb chambers and advanced heating technologies mean the desktop vapes hit best. You’ll get more vapor clouds and more flavor out of a desktop vape. Now, you might not always want huge clouds coming out of your vape, but if you’re serious about toking and medicating, nothing beats the raw performance of a desktop unit.

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