The Ultimate Cannabis Holiday Gift Guide


The holidays are here! We've put together the perfect list of treats & tools for the cannabis connoisseur. Most of these items come from our home state of California because we love to support local. Categories include the best in concentrates, flower, vapes, edibles, tinctures, topicals & pet treats. Enjoy!

Wishing you and yours the happiest holiday season.



Jetty Extracts

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 11.54.20 AM.png

Jetty Extracts was founded in 2013 by a few San Diego surfers with a passion for cannabis. Their company vision is a reflection of the world they want to live in. This world includes goods being created in the most sustainable, healthy way possible.

"We want a world where people with illnesses can have access to things that make them feel better.  A world where we encourage one another to follow dreams and do incredible things."

Pictured above is Jetty's "Shelter From The Storm" CBD Blend.  CBD oil is the concentrated, liquid form of Cannabidiol. They mix it with their Pure CO2 oil in a 2:1 CBD to THC ratio, preserving the "Entourage Effect” - that synergy that magnifies the effect of two or more compounds combined. Their CBD oil contains 500 mg active cannabinoids per glass tank cartridge. This blend is prized among patients seeking to benefit from the wide scope of medical applications attributed to Cannabidiol. Learn more.

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Peridot Labs

Peridot Labs is an Oakland-based manufacturing lab offering custom extraction, refinement and formulation services to the cannabis industry in the Bay Area and greater Northern California. 

"Our ultra-refined, full spectrum cannabis extract smells, tastes and feels like the cured cultivar we've processed."

Pictured above is their high cannabinoid sugar release, Sour Dream, that has a bright and floral nose with a calm and focused lift. Learn more.



Los Angeles based THC Design aims to set the standard for advanced cultivation practices and techniques by creating a self-sustainable operation via renewable energy resources. By partnering with leading scientists in various fields, THC Design hopes to break new ground in the cannabis industry and be a contributing voice in its advocacy and legalization.

"We're attentive in growing safe and healthy cannabis throughout each phase of the cultivation process, we are conscious about the environmental effects such grow practices require. With such awareness, we actively take steps to continuously integrate sustainable practices to decrease our carbon footprint."

Pictured above is THC Design's Space Oddity. This strain is a true hybrid between the Space Queen and Blue Dream strains. Space Oddity, blends the effects from the respective sativa and indica genetics and provides initial mental relief with a steady progression to full body alleviation. This strain is flavorful and has a fruity aroma with hints of spice. Learn more.


Gold Seal

Gold Seal SF's mission is to provide a variety of boutique, exotic strains of flower for the cannabis connoisseur. Utilizing their extensive network in the cannabis industry, their geneticists constantly acquire, breed, and test new strains. The Gold Seal team has over 30 years of combined experience in cannabis cultivation and they have cultivated in every environment: outdoor, greenhouse, mixed light, and indoor.  

"We are efficient, consistent, and believe that exceptional flowers come from the healthiest plants."

Pictured above is Gold Seal's Banana Sherbet. A legendary boutique strain developed from a Banana Kush and Sunset Sherbet cross. This Banana Sherbet strain emits a heady banana cream pie and peach aroma, complimented by skunky grape tones. The powerful psychoactive properties in Gold Seal's Banana Sherbet are immediately present in both mind and body, providing a balanced combination of cerebral euphoria and relaxation. Learn more.

Portable Vaporizer


DaVinci IQ

Using a 100% ceramic zirconia air path and only the highest quality materials, the IQ's mouthpiece allows the user to draw out the purest flavor you’ll ever taste from a handheld vaporizer.

The IQ’s Smart Path Technology allows the user to select 4 different temp settings which lets the device automatically set the best temperature for your vaping sessions. Pick a setting, use it and enjoy – it’s that simple and smart.

Following the pursuit for perfect vapor, the IQ also is the only vaporizer that combines 3 different functions – Smart Path mode, Precision mode and Boost mode. All 3 modes guide the user through a tailored vapor experience or to let them craft their own. Learn more.

Desktop Vaporizer

Vapexhale EVO

Vapexhale EVO

"The best do-everything vaporizer on the market." - Business Insider

Inside each VapeXhale EVO is the patented PerpetuHeat Thermal Technology. This advanced technology automatically adjusts the heating to a person's inhalation rate, ensuring smooth, rich, and consistent vapor. As you inhale, the air flows past the heater, warms up to your set temperature and then glides through to vaporize your chosen herb or concentrate. The EVO utilizes convection heating technology which provides superior heating and vaporization when compared to conduction heating. Most other devices utilize conduction heating which consists of a hot surface that actually chars the herb, leading to that all too common burnt taste.

The EVO's all glass airpath delivers pure vapor and enables you to taste the full spectrum of flavors of your favorite herbs and concentrates. Traveling from the glass enclosed heater core to the customized glass mouthpiece, your herb hits your airways as rich, clean, moisture conditioned vapor, cooled to perfection.  Learn more.



ChooseLove’s edibles come in a wide array of flavors and precision dosages and are all made in Berkeley, CA. You can choose from candies, beverages, baked goods and snacks. ChooseLove uses a hybridized blend of various cannabis strains in their products.

“We do this to achieve the fullest entourage effect of beneficial compounds and to ensure a consistently repeatable experience.”

Pictured above are their delicious 25mg Apple Pie THC Caramels. Learn more.


TreatWell logo.png

TreatWell specializes in providing non-psychoactive options for medicating with cannabis including CBD ratios and the raw, acidic compounds. They grow their own proprietary strains organically under the Humboldt sun. Their goal is to be on the cutting edge of cannabis research and to incorporate the latest thinking for what may help patients better with less.

"We recognized the need for high quality, consistency and easy titration in cannabis infused products and set out to fill these needs."

Pictured here is TreatWell’s CBDA Cannabis Tincture. It is non-psychoactive with very high terpene and antioxidant content. All TreatWell Tinctures are made with our full plant extract combined with MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil made from coconuts. MCT oil has nutritional benefits, is easy to digest and is rapidly absorbed by the body.  Learn more.


Papa & Barkley


After all conventional treatments failed, Papa & Barkley's founder set out to develop his own solution for his elderly father’s debilitating back pain. The result was a cannabis-based pain relief balm that helped bring his father out of a bedridden state. It was natural and more effective than traditional treatments. Honoring his father, the brand was born.

"We’re proud to offer products we believe are the most effective in both potency and cannabinoid/terpene ratio. The P&B team is on a mission to apply science to nature, using the right ratio across a range of beneficial cannabis-based solutions."

Pictured above is their "tougher than pain" Releaf™ Balm. This formula delivers hours of pain relief in an all-natural, botanical balm that is infused in a coconut oil soak process that is unmatched for potency and terpene content. Learn more.

Pet Treats



Treatibles offer a healthier way to happier pets with their treats, gel caps and oil droppers. Their extensive experience in whole food baking, phytocannabinoid extraction, infusion and consistency allows you to trust that your furry friends are in good hands. Some of the non-cannabis derived ingredients in their products include flavorful, antioxidant-rich and inflammation-fighting ingredients like turmeric, pumpkin, coconut oil, and more, making a delicious chew that your pet will love!

"We believe that food is medicine and that nutrition is the first line of defense to ensure wellness. We seek to help pets thrive with our products."

Pictured above is their Small Turkey 1mg Grain Free Turkey Chews. Phytocannabinoid Rich (PCR) Hemp Oil Chews for pets less than 50 lbs. Learn more.

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