Weed News: Marijuana-Related Gift Ideas For Christmas 2017


Marijuana-Related Gift Ideas for Christmas 2017


By Johnny Green

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. Perhaps it’s because growing up I associated it with getting toys, or perhaps it’s because I have an above-average love for Christmas comedy films. These days I always look forward to Christmas because most people I know gift me cannabis. Occasionally I get cannabis-themed gifts that are not actual cannabis, such as books or consumption devices. Those are also appreciated!

Getting the right gift for people is not always easy, and that is true for cannabis consumers as much as it is for non-consumers. Below are some Christmas gift ideas that I came up with. To be clear, I did not receive even one penny for plugging these things. They are things that I either own and enjoy regularly or things that I would love to have. If you have any ideas that you think are solid for cannabis consumers, feel free to post them in the comments:

Re-0ccuring donation to Marijuana Moment – For Christmas this year I knew exactly what I wanted from my wife, a re-occurring donation to Tom Angell’s publication Marijuana Moment. Tom Angell does outstanding work and is a one-man wrecking crew when it comes to pushing cannabis reform. I support his work with a monthly contribution, and encourage you to do the same via a present to the special cannabis reform supporter(s) in your life!

Vapexhale vaporizer – I own a Vapexhale vaporizer, and it is hands down the best desktop vaporizer I have ever used. I have tried dozens if not over a hundred different desktop vaporizers, and no other device produces as much vapor from as little of cannabis concentrates as the Vapexhale. The big knock on many vaporizers is that they do not produce big clouds. Get a Vapexhale for your cannabis consuming loved one and they will be blowing clouds like no one’s business! Also, the creator of the Vapexhale is a freedom fighter, which is something that I always look for before giving a company my hard earned dollars.

Puffco pens – I own both the Puffco Plus pen and the Puffco Pro 2 pen. They are both OUTSTANDING. If I had to choose just one, I would probably go with the Puffco Pro 2 because it’s smaller, but the Puffco Plus is not that much bigger. Both of them produce a level of flavor and vapor output that is unmatched in the vape pen world. I have tried hundreds of vape pens over the years, and Puffco pens are the best, and second place isn’t even close. Also, Puffco supports cannabis reform!

Jorge Cervantes 2018 calendar – Jorge Cervantes is a legend in so many ways, and giving someone his 2018 calendar is sure to please. The calendar is very reasonably priced and is full of amazing cannabis photos. A calendar is good for just having around the house, or putting in a grow room to help track crops and tasks. The calendar even includes growing tips and cannabis facts. If someone likes cannabis, then they will love Jorge Cervantes’s calendar.

NOVA decarboxylator – The best device that I came across in 2017 was the NOVA Decarboxylator by Ardent. Decarbing your cannabis is important for many reasons, and the NOVA makes the process easier than you could ever imagine. I used to decarb my cannabis in my oven, which created a lot of clean-up, smelled up my house, and didn’t fully decarb my cannabis due to oven temperature fluctuations. If you know someone that frequently makes edibles, get them the NOVA and they will love it.

Donation in someone’s name to reform efforts – Making a donation in someone’s name has always been a popular thing for people that want to see the world be a better place, and donating to cannabis reform efforts is a great idea for cannabis reform supporters in your life. Below are organizations I would recommend donating to:

Cannabis books – Cannabis books are always a great idea for gifts. Below are ones that I recommend:

NORML rolling papers - The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) partnered with Curved Papers, Inc. to produce branded rolling papers. They make an outstanding stocking stuffer. Every cannabis consumer could use more rolling papers! These make a terrific stocking stuffer. NORML rolling papers are 1-1/4 size, 100% organic hemp papers, with Curved Papers’ easy to roll edge. You can purchase them here.

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