Why Vaping Cannabis Is Better Than Smoking: A Conversation

A conversation between Vapexhale and PrestoDoctor

PD: Are there any health benefits to vaping?

VXL: Oh yes - big time! Vaping significantly cuts down on the carcinogens that come from combusting (using flame). It also allows you to dial in which cannabinoids you’d like to experience. All cannabinoids have different boiling points, and with temperature controlled vaping, you can pinpoint the ones that work best for you. The inhalation from a vaporizer is less harsh on the throat and lungs. It’s even possible to add moisture conditioning (inhaling vapor through water), which provides further diffusion for an even gentler consumption method.  

PD: What makes a great quality vape?

VXL: Power, flavor and efficiency are the three fundamental building blocks for quality vapes. A good example is the Vapexhale EVO, it’s a desktop unit with a power cord so you never have to worry about a battery running out or running low. As for flavor, it has an all glass airpath, water diffusion and a convection heating system so the only things touching the herb are hot air, glass and H2O. The subtle nuances of your favorite herbs can really shine through. Vapor just tastes better than smoke in general. 

PD: Is vaping more efficient than smoking?

VXL: The extremely high temperatures that accompany combustion will burn your product very rapidly as well as destroy one third of all cannabinoids. Combustion creates smoke and toxic by-products of the plant. Efficiency has a lot to do with the heating element in a vape. EVO customers have reported that they use 30-50% less material to reach the same effect. The lower heating temperatures precisely extract the therapeutic properties of the herb to the point where you’ll make up for what you spent purchasing the vaporizer and then some! You can calculate just how much money you can save on product with the Vapexhale EVO here.

PD: Does vaping affect taste quality?

VXL: Yes, it absolutely does. As mentioned above, the lower temps involved with vaping allow the true essence of the herb to really shine. The charred taste that comes with smoking is not doing the plant, or your lungs, justice. We like to equate vaping cannabis out of a high quality vape to drinking a fine decanted wine out of top of the line crystal. Again, to use the Vapexhale EVO as a prime example, it's all glass airpath delivers pure vapor and enables you to taste full spectrum flavor. Traveling from the glass enclosed heater core to the customized glass mouthpiece, your herb hits your airways as rich, clean, moisture conditioned vapor, cooled to perfection.

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