Here is everything you need to know about the Vapexhale EVO

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The Story Behind Vapexhale

From the desk of CEO & Co-Founder, Seibo Shen.

"In 1997, after a series of injuries as a stuntman, I was introduced to vaporization technology as a way to manage my pain. I was fascinated that you could get all the benefits out of your herbs without any of the combustion but something was lacking."

The EVO - How It Works

Convection heating at it's finest. Hot air travels through the all glass heater core to gently vaporize your precious herbs & concentrates. Throw a HydraTube on top to moisture-condition your vapor for super smooth, milky hits. Each HydraTube has a unique percolator for different effects. 

Test Your Efficiency

The EVO is an efficiency beast, are you? Try this test and see for yourself. Enter the price and quantity of grams you go through in a month and this calculator will tell you how long until your EVO pays for itself. Pretty cool, huh?