The EVO is optimized for both herbs and concentrates.
The instructions for herbal use will be in GREEN.
The instructions for concentrates use will be in RED.
Toggle the bottom rocker switch just below the temperature dial to turn the unit on. It will take a few minutes for the VapeXhale EVO™ to reach the set temperature from a cold start. The LED light indicates temperature status; GREEN indicates the set temperature has been reached. You can control vapor density by turning the temperature knob to the left for thinner vapor and to the right for thicker vapor.

We recommend using an herb grinder to achieve the best consistency for vaporization. Once you have prepared your herb you should loosely fill the Herb Basket by gently sprinkling your material into the top of the basket. Overfilling could reduce airflow and vapor production, we like to fill ours no more than 75% of the way.
We recommend starting with a "grain of rice size" amount of material and adjusting the dosage up or down based on user preference. Using too much concentrate material can result in wasted supplies, extremely challenging vapor clouds, and may take an extended duration to clean and prepare for consecutive dabs.

Add water to the HydraTube™ until the slits/grids in the percolator are submerged.

DO NOT use too much water as this could cause the HydraTube™ to leak into the VapeXhale EVO™ base unit and cause damage. Never fill the HydraTube™ while it is on top of the VapeXhale EVO™ base unit.

Until you are comfortable with the water level it is best to perform a “test hit” before the HydraTube™ is connected to the VapeXhale EVO™ base unit. This will ensure that you did not overfill the HydraTube™.

When the HydraTube is properly filled, there should not be any leaking or dripping around the base of the HydraTube™.

Insert the smaller piece (cap) into the top of the Herb Basket so that your shredded herb is encased by both pieces. This will prevent the herb from falling out while handling the Basket.
Using a sharp pointed object (we encourage using a wand, dab/carving tool, or thin blade) to manipulate a very tiny portion (or dab) of concentrate, apply the material to the inside of the cylinder through the slitted opening located on the bottom portion of the Tube.

Place the Basket inside of the glass airpath cylinder protruding from the top of the EVO™ base unit, cap side up. Use only light pressure as the Basket should slide easily into place and fit snugly.
With the slitted opening down and the lipped side up, gently insert the Tube into the glass airpath cylinder protruding from the top of the EVO base unit. Wait 3-5 seconds until vapor begins to emanate from the top of the vessel, carefully place the HydraTube™ on the base unit, wait 3-5 seconds more, and inhale for a long & slow duration.
[WARNING: Inhaling too hard and/or fast when using the Tube can result in wasted material and a mess by forcing liquified concentrates into the glass airpath cylinder without giving them enough time to fully vaporize.]

Gently place the HydraTube™ or mouthpiece on top of the VapeXhale EVO™ base unit. DO NOT use any additional pressure or force, as the weight of the HydraTube™ or mouthpiece provides an airtight seal. Never twist the HydraTube™ or mouthpiece while it is on the base unit.

Bring the HydraTube™ to your lips and start to inhale.

After a few seconds the HydraTube™ will fill with vapor.

When you wish to clear the device of vapor, separate the HydraTube™ from the VapeXhale EVO™ base unit and inhale the rest of the vapor in the HydraTube™.

Pull up on the Basket to remove it from the VapeXhale EVO™ base unit and empty its contents.
Pull up on the top of the Tube to remove it from the VapeXhale EVO™ base unit and place it in your Accessory Deck, glass jar or on heat resistant pad/surface to cool. Caution: the bottom of the Tube will be hot.
The VapeXhale EVO™ has an auto shut-off function. You will know that your unit has shut itself off when you see red and green blinking lights. If you have not finished your session, you can reset the auto shut-off by simply turning the unit off and then on again.

To clean your HydraTube™ add salt and rubbing alcohol (ISO) to the HydraTube™ and shake. Once the tube is clean, rinse with warm water to flush out the rubbing alcohol and salt.
Periodic cleaning of the Basket and Tube will ensure proper airflow.
To clean your Basket, soak it in rubbing alcohol for about 40 minutes and rinse under warm running water.
To clean your Tube soak it in rubbing alcohol overnight, use a pipe cleaner or q-tip to knock off any remaining material and rinse under warm running water.
Be sure both are dry before you use them again.