Vapexhale EVO - How It Works

How It Works

An explanation of the technology behind the EVO

Vapexhale Wireframe

The Heater Core

Inside each VapeXhale EVO is the patented PerpetuHeat Thermal Technology. This advanced technology automatically adjusts the heating to a person's inhalation rate, ensuring smooth, rich, and consistent vapor. As you inhale, the air flows past the heater, warms up to your set temperature and then glides through to vaporize your chosen herb or concentrate. The EVO utilizes convection heating technology which provides superior heating and vaporization when compared to conduction heating.  Most other devices utilize conduction heating which consists of a hot surface that actually chars the herb, leading to that all too common burnt taste.

The EVO's all glass airpath delivers pure vapor and enables you to taste the full spectrum of flavors of your favorite herbs and concentrates. Traveling from the glass enclosed heater core to the customized glass mouthpiece, your herb hits your airways as rich, clean, moisture conditioned vapor, cooled to perfection. 

Vapexhale HydraTube

The HydraTube

It doesn't get much better than a cool temp, moisture conditioned sip of vapor and the HydraTube was designed to do just that. There are 3 main percolator styles: The HydraBomb, The HoneyComb, and The Turbine. While any of them will get you the flavorful effect you'd expect of the EVO, here's a breakdown how each HydraTube enhances your vapor:

• The HydraBomb (pictured right) produces the most air flow due to the layers of stacked percolators. More air flow = less restriction, which results in a super easy hit. It looks pretty darn cool, too.

• The HoneyComb (pictured center) is the smooth operator of the crew. The perfect match of air flow and restriction. It's has more drag than the HydraBomb, but not as much as the Turbine, and delivers thick, rich rips for those who want the best of both worlds.

• The Turbine (pictured left) is the hardest hitter of these main styles. Water swirls as the vapor is inhaled, invigorating flavor and potency. 


Vapexhale Tube and Baskets

Baskets & Tubes

Finely ground herb becomes a tornado of vapor inside the stainless steel mesh canister. The recommended fill level is half to 3/4 of the way. A little space needs to be left for optimal hot air-herb-vapor vortex conditions.

The concentrate tube inserts are changing the game of oil consumption. Traditional dabbing methods involve a blow torch (yikes) which yields an EXTREMELY hot, exposed surface. With this little tube, all the heating goes down inside of the shell of the EVO, keeping your heat enclosed and material safe from any hot plates or coils. To get your preferred form of concentrate inside, simply scrape a small amount inside the slit at the bottom and drop it into the top of the EVO. Available in quartz and borosilicate glass.

Pro tip: to clean the bottom of the concentrate tubes quickly, crank the EVO all the way up and let them heat soak for 5 minutes. There's an Accessory Deck that acts as a safe and organized place to let the tubes & baskets cool. The bottom portion (under what is known as the "maria" - the lip) will be hot anytime they come out of the EVO.

Vapexhale Accessories

Add On Accessories

Vapexhale has tons of other accessories to enhance your herbal experience. Pictured here is the HydraBase with the Nebula Whip. This convenient whip can be placed directly on top of the EVO in the same fashion as the HydraTube. If you're down to climb perc-mountain, you can use the Nebula Whip or a HydraTube of your choice on top of the HydraBase for stacked layers of diffusion. There are also special HydraTubes that are released periodically.