The Story of Vapexhale

The Story of Vapexhale

From the desk of Vapexhale CEO & Co-Founder, Seibo Shen

The Inspiration

In 1997, after a series of injuries as a stuntman, I was introduced to vaporization technology as a way to manage my pain. I was fascinated that you could get all the benefits out of your herbs without any of the combustion but something was lacking. Vaporizing just did not have the same satisfaction as combusting.

Due Diligence

I quickly began researching all the different types of vaporizers and I began to buy one after another. While I enjoyed using my various vaporizers for health purposes, I had trouble converting my friends from smoking to vaping. After trying some of the more conventional smoking methodologies, the objective side of me had to admit that smoking was more enjoyable than vaping, especially anything that involved a water pipe or moisture conditioning. The inhalations were denser, the effect seemed stronger, the only thing that was bad was what it was doing to your lungs. I then had an epiphany, what if someone could combine the convenience and power of water pipe with the healthiness of a vaporizer?

The People's Vaporizer

In 2010, I started a thread on famous vaporizer forum to create the “world’s best vaporizer” and had over a million hits in our first year. Our criteria was to build a vaporizer that was not only healthy to use, but produced an extremely positive and pleasant experience for the end user. We knew that we didn't have all the answers so we asked the vapor experts what they wanted in a vaporizer and the consensus was that it had to have the following:

  • Deliver cool, tasty vapor
  • Produce extremely dense and potent vapor
  • Be extremely efficient with expensive herbal materials

Based on this feedback, we are proud to present the first example of our technology, the EVO. The EVO was designed for those that want the best flavor, maximum potency, and the most efficient vapor production engine in the business, a true, no compromise product for the home. We hope you enjoy our products because we feel that we created a vaporizer for the people and by the people.

Vapexhale Evolving Monkeys

The Tale of the Monkey King

Coming up with a name and logo for a company is always a difficult and challenging exercise. I wanted our logo to represent my core values and that is why I chose the Monkey King. The Monkey King is a Chinese folk hero who transports himself from place to place on his trusty cloud. He is quite often, very mischievous but he also has a heart of gold.  The Monkey King was derived from the Hindi god, Hanuman, the god of healing. We thought this was the perfect logo to symbolize what Vapexhale stands for, to be healthy, to laugh, and to maximize one’s potential.

- Seibo Shen, Vapexhale Co-founder & CEO